The Different Types of Bike Tours

The Different Types of Bike Tours

Are you ready to travel and shape up on a bike tour? Note: be sure to get in biking shape first!

Maybe you’re doing it for a way to escape the office or maybe you’re doing it for a sport – either way, you need to know what your options are.

There are many types of bike tours for both leisure and sporting events – you just need to know which is best for you.

As far as bike tours for leisure go, there are tons of options!

Depending on where you live, if you want to go out of the country or not, there are many different opportunities for you to try out. Romantically speaking, the bike tours in California or France are most definitely the way to go.

In California, most bike companies offer tours throughout quaint vineyards, along the breathtaking coast of the Pacific Ocean and through the towering beauty that is the redwood forest.

France doesn’t disappoint either with its quiet villages, slowly rolling green hills and picturesque scenery at every smooth corner. France doesn’t disappoint when it comes to vineyards either – just don’t visit too many wine tastings on your way because you wouldn’t want to get a BWI (Biking While Intoxicated) ticket.

When planning your bike tour, consider setting up a “loaded tour.” Strap on your saddlebags old west style and get ready to pack well for one of these. On a loaded tour, you bring everything with you – food, clothes, your sleeping bag and bug spray.

This type of leisure bike touring is perfect for someone who loves to plan, camp out, and really step away from it all. This tour is very rewarding because you’re totally self-reliant throughout.

If you’re not feeling quite so crafty, you can plan a “credit card tour,” which as you can tell by its name, doesn’t involve eating trail mix for dinner.

On this type of tour, you pack light, stay in hotels, and try out the local eateries for your meals. This is a great way to balance a long tour while letting you get involved in each one of the tours destinations’ local culture spots.

Plus, you can really relax when you reach your destinations because everything is taken care of for you.

Feeling like a sportier bike tour? There are boatloads of bike tours geared to those who want to push the envelope a bit. From mimicking legs of the tour de France to attending training camps with international bike pros, you’re sure to be up to your helmet in sports biking.

These types of bike tours are great for those who take our biking very seriously.

Regardless of what type of bike tour you take, be sure to always pack plenty of water, energy bars, and a first aid kit.

Most of all, remember to have fun!


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