Mongoose Salvo Trail Adult Mountain Bike Review

Mongoose Salvo Trail Adult Mountain Bike Review

I recently decided to check out different mountain bikes, and after spending some time researching, I finally settled on the Mongoose Salvo Trail. What drew me to this particular model was its combination of 29-inch , 18-speed trigger shifters, lightweight aluminum frame, disc brakes, and bright orange color!

After taking it out for a few spins around the local trails, I can confidently say I made an excellent choice with this one. Whether you’re looking for something to get yourself up those tricky hills or enjoy cruising along your favorite trails, then the Mongoose Salvo Trail is worth considering.

About the bike


Regular bikes can bounce you around pretty hard when riding on bumpy, uneven terrain.

Not with the Mongoose Salvo Trail Adult Mountain Bike, though! Thanks to its dual system, your back and arms get a smooth ride as it absorbs shocks from below while giving you an extra strong boost through those tough trails. So what are you waiting for? Time to explore some new rough terrains in supreme comfort.


The larger 29-inch give you greater stability and make it easier to keep your balance. They also provide speed and a smooth ride over bumps in the terrain, making them perfect for trail riding or off-road transportation. Not to mention that they look mighty good too!

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Medium Frame Size

Medium frames can be a great in-between size for riders who want to get the most out of their bike. The Mongoose Salvo Trail Adult Mountain Bike has an excellent medium frame perfect for taller, leaner riders looking to experience some technical trails without worrying about going too big. It also allows them to go on more relaxed rides, giving the rider a comfortable but sturdy feel while climbing and descending easier terrain and challenging obstacles.

100 mm Travel Horst Link Trail Frame

The 100 mm travel Horst Link Trail Frame on the Mongoose Salvo is more than up to hardcore off-road challenges. Its sturdy construction and excellent shock absorption mean that you can easily handle even tough terrain, steering around rocks and other obstacles seamlessly as it provides a secure connection between your tires and powering through whatever comes in its path – all while keeping you comfortably seated on top of it!

Free Floating Technology

How does a mountain bike glide through the rough terrain and not have its rider feel every bump? By using Mongooses Free Floating Technology, that’s how! With this revolutionary suspension system, you can take your Salvo Trail on any off-road adventure you desire without worrying about feeling every rock. T

his trail bike is sure to absorb obstacles along the way while keeping your ride smooth as melt butter!

Mechanical Disc Brakes

If you’re a mountain biker or an avid cyclist, then the Mongoose Salvo’s mechanical disc brakes are for you. You get superior stopping power no matter what terrain you find yourself in – mud, sand, gravel, or plain old asphalt. With these top-notch brakes on your side, you can ride with a lot more confidence and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your bike is secure at all times!

Review and Score

Our Score: 97/100

The Mongoose Salvo Trail mountain bike was one of my most enjoyable riding experiences. The lightweight aluminum frame and 29-inch wheels allowed for a smooth ride that could easily tackle dirt trails, while the 18-speed trigger shifters enabled quick gear changing whenever needed.

What’s more, those disc brakes meant there was no wobbling around when slowing down or coming to complete stops!

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this product and would rate it 97/100. Upon researching customer reviews on Amazon, it is easy to see why others are enjoying this as well; positive comments range from “amazing component spec” to “lightweight construction makes climbing effortless.”

With several reports stating how durable and long-lasting these bikes have lasted over time, I’m confident in recommending the Mongoose Salvo Trail mountain bike without reservation!


The Mongoose Salvo Trail Adult Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for beginner and expert riders. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame and 29-inch wheels, this bike has plenty of power to conquer any terrain at high speeds.

Additionally, its reliable trigger shifters provide precise control over your speed, while disc brakes bring you safely to a stop when needed. I am confident that anyone who decides to take on the trails with this mountain bike will not be disappointed!

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