Best Spots for Bike Touring

Best Spots for Bike Touring

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Here’s a list of the hottest places around that are sure to provide you with the most gorgeous views.

If you’re new to the biking world and want an insight into the beautiful places you can go, try one of these bike tour destination spots.

Taiwan is world-renown for its beautiful mountain views, crystal clear blue oceans, white sandy beaches, and steep mountains.

Taiwan’s mountain ranges by themselves are enough to make you want to pack up and head out right now!

Taiwan is great for more than just biking; it’s good for surfing, swimming, parasailing, jet-skiing, and more!

If you’re more of a beginning biker, Taiwan may or may not be the way to go – only because of how steep the mountains are and how rugged the terrain may be.

Next up on our list is France.  France is undoubtedly beautiful, gushing with lots of culture, and filled with unique landmarks.  They don’t make the most popular bike tour in France for nothing!

Whenever you take a bike tour in France, you’re sure to get exactly what you pay for. Most tours are fit for a king (or queen) and are jam-packed with luxurious trips to the most famous vineyards and villages in France.

Going on a bike tour in France or somewhere close by would be fit for either a beginner or a moderate level biker because they have some of the mildest and calmest routes available.

So pack a camera and get ready for a time you’re sure to remember!

Heading over to North America, the most gorgeous and romantic place has to be in California.

One of the largest states in the USA, California boasts ocean views to die for, vineyards that go on for miles, redwood forests that take your breath away, and mountain views comparable to Taiwan’s.

California’s terrain is best suited for moderate to advanced bikers, as the tours generally go on for an extended period of time and can really take the wind out of you if you’re ill-prepared.

California bike tours are a great way to vacation with your spouse and let your mind wander due to the romantic sun draping itself across the Pacific and the five-star views you will see.

Ireland is also a great destination for bike touring.  Ireland is green for miles and will leave you feeling a little magical.  The sight of the uninhabited countryside alone will convince you that you have the luck of the Irish in you.

The meals there are wonderfully prepared and contain more Irish culture than you can imagine.

There are endless destinations to consider when you’re planning a bike tour in the near future.

Check with a travel company to find out what deals they have and then choose a route that caters to your physical capabilities as a biker.

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