MEGHNA Mountain Bike Review

MEGHNA Mountain Bike Review

The MEGHNA mountain bike is a model produced by the Meghna Group, which is a Bangladeshi bicycle manufacturer.

Meghna produces various models of bicycles, including mountain bikes that are designed for off-road cycling.

Here’s a general overview of what you might expect from a MEGHNA mountain bike, based on typical features found in mountain bikes:

Features of the MEGHNA Mountain Bike

This MEGHNA mountain bike is built with high-quality aluminum and magnesium alloys, making it strong and durable. Its fork is also adjustable, making it the perfect fit for various riding styles.

The 8-speed transmission delivers smooth performance, making it easy to change gears quickly.

The numbered gear display below the handlebar enhances the streamlined cockpit experience.


  • Material: Usually made from aluminum or steel, offering a blend of durability and lightweight performance.
  • Geometry: Designed to handle rough terrain with a comfortable riding position.


  • Type: Can range from rigid to hardtail to , depending on the model.
  • Fork: Often equipped with a front suspension fork to absorb shocks from rough trails.

Wheels and Tires:

  • Size: Commonly 26″, 27.5″ (650b), or 29″ wheels to navigate various terrains.
  • Tires: Wide tires with deep treads for better grip and stability on off-road surfaces.


  • Drivetrain: Could have a wide range of gears to handle steep climbs and fast descents.
  • Shifters: Typically equipped with reliable shifters for smooth gear changes.


  • Type: Disc brakes (hydraulic or mechanical) for reliable stopping power in all conditions, or V-brakes on more budget models.

Other Components:

  • Seat: A durable and comfortable saddle suited for long rides.
  • Handlebars: Wide bars for better control on trails.

Price Range:

  • Varies based on the specific model, components, and features.

Please note that specifications can vary greatly depending on the specific model and year of production. For the most accurate information, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for the particular model you are interested in.

MEGHNA 26″ Mountain Bike 17″ Frame with Front Suspension Fork Lightweight 27 Speed Mountain Bike for Unisex Adult Junior,Green
  • Model: SPECTOR26; 27 Speed 26″ Mountain Bike for Women Men Junior Youth.
  • Frame: 17″Bike frame; fits rider height: 5’3″ -6’0″; weight:14.5kg; made of high quality durable lightweight alloy material, more lightweight, sturdy and durable, more vivid colors, stronger color retention, more scratch resistant, the frame is not easy to paint off.
  • Bike Tire: Kenda-K1177 26×1.95″ Bike tire, which is made of hight quality durable nylon and rubber compound, small granule pattern and thin-wall lightweight design, suitable for road, mountain land and gravel road, small resistance, catch dungeon, riding with less water in rainy days.
  • Shift Driven System: 3×9 Speed shifter levers, ATA 9 speed screw-on freewheel and 9 speed rear derailleur. Come with suspension front fork with lock, reduce jounce on a rough road, enjoy a comfortable riding.
  • Brake System: Equipped with a lightweight braking system-alloy front and rear v brake, suitable for city relaxation riding and mountain riding.

Pros and Cons of the MEGHNA mountain bike


  1. Affordability:
    • MEGHNA mountain bikes are generally priced for budget-conscious consumers, offering a lower entry point to the sport.
  2. Versatility:
    • Designed to handle various terrains, making them suitable for both off-road trails and casual riding.
  3. Durability:
    • The bikes are often built with sturdy frames and components to withstand the demands of mountain biking.
  4. Availability:
    • MEGHNA bikes are widely available in South Asian markets and may be accessible in other regions as well.
  5. Variety:
    • They typically offer a range of models to suit different preferences and riding styles.


  1. Component Quality:
    • Lower-priced models may come with less durable components that may wear out quicker than those on higher-end bikes.
  2. Weight:
    • Budget-friendly bikes tend to be heavier, which can affect handling and transportation.
  3. Performance:
    • The performance of MEGHNA mountain bikes may not match that of more specialized or advanced mountain bikes, affecting speed and handling in technical conditions.
  4. After-Sales Support:
    • Depending on your location, finding after-sales support and spare parts may be challenging.
  5. Resale Value:
    • These bikes may have lower resale value compared to more renowned international brands.

Remember that the specific pros and cons can vary based on the particular model of the MEGHNA mountain bike and where it is being used.

Consider your specific needs, riding conditions, and budget when evaluating a bike’s advantages and disadvantages.

General Specifications of the MEGHNA mountain bike

Here are general specifications commonly found in mountain bikes, which may apply to various models of MEGHNA mountain bikes:


  • Material: Aluminum or steel
  • Sizes: Various sizes to accommodate different rider heights


  • Front Suspension (Hardtail): Entry-level to mid-range (e.g., 80mm to 120mm)
  • (Dual): Entry-level to mid-range travel (e.g., 100mm to 140mm for both front and rear)

Wheels and Tires:

  • Size: Typically 26 inches, 27.5 inches, or 29 inches
  • Tires: Knobby off-road tires with widths ranging from 2.1 to 2.5 inches


  • Gears: Often 21-speed, 24-speed, or 27-speed setups
  • Front Derailleur: Triple chainring for a wide range of gearing
  • Rear Derailleur: Cassette with a variety of gear ratios
  • Shifters: Trigger shifters or grip shifters


  • Type: Mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes; V-brakes on more budget-oriented models
  • Brake Levers: Alloy levers matched to the brake system


  • Handlebars: Flat or riser bars made of alloy
  • Stem: Alloy, with length and rise varying by model
  • Seatpost: Alloy, adjustable
  • Saddle: Ergonomically designed for mountain biking

Additional Features:

  • Pedals: Platform pedals, sometimes with toe clips
  • Grips: Rubber grips for comfort and control

Remember that these specifications are general and can vary between different MEGHNA mountain bike models and manufacturing years.

You should check the specific model’s specifications provided by MEGHNA for detailed information.


The construction of a MEGHNA mountain bike involves several components and processes. While specific methods may vary, here is a general overview of the construction elements and assembly for a typical mountain bike:

Frame Construction:

  • Materials: Frames are usually made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum balances strength and weight, while steel is known for its durability and ride comfort.
  • Design and Geometry: The frame geometry is tailored to the bike’s intended use, with mountain bikes having a more aggressive stance for better handling on rough terrain.
  • Welding: The frame tubes are cut to the correct lengths and angles, then welded together according to the design specifications.
  • Painting and Finishing: After welding, the frame is cleaned, primed, and painted. Decals or branding are applied before a final protective clear coat.

Component Selection and Assembly:

  • Fork and Suspension: The suspension fork matches the frame’s intended use. It’s attached to the front of the frame through the head tube.
  • Drivetrain: This includes the crankset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, derailleurs, and shifters. These parts are installed to provide a range of gears for climbing and descending.
  • Wheels and Tires: Rims are laced to hubs with spokes and then fitted with tires suitable for mountain biking.
  • Brakes: Disc brakes or V-brakes are mounted to the frame and fork. Brake levers are installed on the handlebars, and cables or hydraulic lines are routed and connected.
  • Handlebars, Stem, and Seatpost: The handlebars are fixed to the stem, which is then connected to the fork’s steerer tube. The Seatpost is inserted into the frame’s seat tube, and a saddle is mounted on top.
  • Finishing Touches: Grips are added to the handlebars, pedals are screwed into the crank arms, and any additional accessories (like bottle cages or mudguards) are attached.

Quality control measures ensure that each component is properly fitted and adjusted throughout this process. The bike is then subjected to safety checks before being packaged for shipping or displayed for sale.

For precise construction details on a MEGHNA mountain bike, one would need to look at the specific model in question, as construction techniques can vary based on the level of bike and advancements in manufacturing technology.

MEGHNA Shimano Bike Rear Derailleur 9 Speed Direct Mount RD-M2000 for Mountain Bike BMX
  • Model: RD-M2000; 9 Speed Bike Rear Derailleur for mountain bike road bike commuter bike etc.
  • Super Low-Profile Concept with SHADOW Mechanism: Shimano SHADOW RD Wider linkage ensures durability and more precise shifting quick and easy installation,high tension spring for quick and easy installation and removal.
  • Features: This rear derailleur is for 9 speed drivetrain;Compatible with HG 9-speed chain; Total capacity-45T; Pulley Teeth-11T; Low sprocket Max.-36T, Low sprocket_Min.-32T.
  • MEGA 9 LITE: Easy adjustment and maintenance.

What People Are Saying

To gather what people say about MEGHNA mountain bikes, one would typically look at customer reviews, expert bike reviews, forums, and community discussions.

Here’s a summary of feedback that customers and reviewers might provide about MEGHNA mountain bikes:

Positive Feedback:

  • Affordable: Many users appreciate the budget-friendly price point of MEGHNA bikes.
  • Good for Beginners: New riders often find these bikes to be a good starting point to get into mountain biking.
  • Sturdy Frame: The durability of the frame is frequently mentioned as a positive aspect.
  • Availability: Easy to purchase, especially in regions where the brand is well-distributed.

Negative Feedback:

  • Component Quality: Some riders may find that the components, such as derailleurs and shifters, are not as high-quality as those on more expensive bikes.
  • Weight: The bikes might be considered heavy, especially when compared to higher-end mountain bikes.
  • Upgrade Costs: Riders looking to improve performance may find that they need to invest in upgrading components, which can add to the overall cost.
  • Limited Performance: Experienced mountain bikers might comment on the bike’s limitations regarding more technical trails or demanding conditions.

It’s important to note that individual experiences can vary significantly, and what one person sees as a con, another might not consider an issue at all.

Looking at recent reviews and current model year feedback would be most beneficial for the most accurate and current sentiments about MEGHNA mountain bikes.

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