Swagtron Electric Lady Cruiser Bike

The Swagtron EB-10 Electric Lady Cruiser is a high-quality electric that comes with a 250w motor. It can reach speeds of up to 16mph. It also features 26-inch with high-volume tires. This also has a Shimano SIS gear system and a removable battery.


The SWAGTRON EB10 step-through cruiser electric bike offers performance and style. It features a steel frame with a coil-sprung cushion seat and a 250-watt motor. This bike is perfect for those who want to get around town while being stylish. It is also easy to ride, making it a great choice for people new to electric bikes.

The EB10 pedal-to-go eBike features a high-efficiency 250-watt brushless gear motor. This motor allows you to reach road speeds of 18 to 25 MPH. It can also handle up to 22 to 28 miles of travel on one charge. The bike also comes with a Smart Charger.

The EB10 is an electric bike that is designed specifically for women. The frame features a step-through design for comfort. It has ample power, with a regulated motor and battery to provide optimum output. It comes with pedal-assist and throttle-only modes.

The EB10 electric lady cruiser bike is also ergonomically designed with an upright posture to minimize back, neck, and shoulder stress. It also has a low step-through frame, making mounting and dismounting easy for everyone. This makes it a great choice for women, as well as people who are concerned about mobility.

The Swagtron EB10 electric lady cruiser bike offers a high level of performance. It comes with a 250-watt motor and high-grade steel for durability. It supports up to 264.5 pounds of weight. It also has a quick-shift Shimano 7-speed drivetrain. The bike also comes with a removable battery for convenience.


The Swagtron Electric Lady Cruiser Bike offers a range of 15.5 miles on a single charge. Its tri-fold design makes it easy to store and transport when not in use. It also has a proprietary auto guard technology to help prevent accidents.

The EB5 comes pre-assembled, folds easily, and has an integrated battery indicator. Moreover, it is a lightweight electric bike that can easily fit in a car trunk, compact SUV, or under a desk. As an all-electric bicycle, it is perfect for today’s busy lifestyles.

Besides its lightweight and convenient design, the Swagtron Electric Lady Cruiser Bike features an adjustable seat and handlebars. It is comfortable to ride and can accommodate children and adults up to age six. The EB5 comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with it, you can get a refund and get a new one!

The EB5 has a lithium-ion battery pack that can provide up to 15 miles of range on a single charge. It only takes six hours to charge the battery to its maximum capacity. The EB5 also has a push-button ignition, which is convenient when you’re on the go and prevents you from losing it. It has an automatic shut-off feature to avoid theft, and auto guard technology works with disc brakes to provide safe braking.

The Swagtron Electric Lady Cruiser Bike is available at Amazon. The bike features a handlebar display, an adjustable seat, and a built-in carrying handle.

EB5 lightweight aluminum

The EB5 PRO PLUS by Swagtron features premium craftsmanship, a powerful motor, and a long-lasting, removable battery. This bike is ideal for commuters and urban dwellers. It is also lightweight and easy to fold. It is also available in multiple colors.

The EB5 folds easily across the middle, making it easy to store or transport. It also features a one-year warranty. The EB5 has a battery life of up to 15.5 miles, which makes commuting easy and convenient. Its compact design makes it easy to store in a car or under a desk. The EB5 has received widespread media coverage and has been featured on many blogs and news outlets.

The EB5 is equipped with a 250W brushless rear hub motor. Its power assist mode allows you to pedal with the help of the electric motor, which allows you to go up hills and other rough terrains. However, you can also switch to throttle mode and ride independently for up to 15.5 miles.

The EB5 is designed for daily commutes. The electric motor allows you to go up to 15 mph, which makes it an ideal choice for commuting or exploring the city. You can also pedal when you want to exercise and boost your top speed.

EB5 beach cruiser

The Swagtron EB5 electric beach cruiser bike is a fun and compact folding bicycle with a range of 15 miles and a top speed of 15.5 mph. The EB5 features a 250-watt rear hub motor with pedal assist and a 270-watt battery built into the frame. The bike has 14-inch wheels and folds up small for easy storage and transportation. It comes in black or white and includes a one-year limited hardware warranty.

The EB5 can handle steep hills but can be a little slow on steeper hills. It has a ‘hill mode’ where you add pedal power to climb the hill. On flat ground, the bike will resume its normal speed. It’s best on flat asphalt but performs well on various terrains.

Its battery is integrated into the main tube of the frame, so it can’t be removed for charging. However, there is a charging port on the underside of the bike. It’s protected with a rubber plug, which is water-resistant. EB5 users should be careful to plug in the charging port, as removing it once it’s in place is hard.

The battery on the Swagtron EB5 beach cruiser e-bike provides sufficient power for the rider to enjoy the outdoors. It has an average battery life of four to six hours. The bike can travel up to 20 miles and 32 km on a full charge.

EB5 hybrid electric bike

The Swagtron EB5 hybrid electric bike has an impressive range of 15.5 miles, making it a great option for city commuting. The EB5 is recharged in just five hours. Its triple-fold design makes it easy to store in compact spaces. Its lightweight design makes it a great choice for people on the go.

The EB5 features pedal assist and full throttle functions. The pedal assist mode makes it 70% easier to pedal than a conventional bicycle. The bike’s 250-watt motor allows you to cruise up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. In addition, it can handle up to 30-degree inclines. With this versatility, you can also use the bike for exercise purposes.

The Swagtron EB5 hybrid electric bike is made of high-quality materials. The battery is durable and will last for many miles. The Swagtron EB5 is designed for short trips and is ideal for people up to six feet tall. Although the bike has a maximum throttle speed of 15 miles, it can be pedaled faster with human leg power.

While the Swagtron EB5 Pro Plus is not as fast as the NAKTO Fat Tire, it is a great choice for people new to electric bikes. It is easy to store and offers plenty of performance. It also comes with a folding frame, making it great for commuters who do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

EB11 step-through cruiser

With a 250-watt motor and a removable battery, the SWAGTRON EB11 electric step-through cruiser bike brings back the fun of biking. Its unique features include a battery that’s easy to change and a powerful brake system that keeps you pedaling all day.

The EB11’s vintage-style design provides maximum comfort, with a deep-sweep handlebar for a relaxed position. It also features a wide, cushioned saddle seat that is spring-supported. The seat post height is adjustable to accommodate different riders. It also has a Li-ion battery that can recharge in five hours. The battery is removable, so you can charge it anywhere and easily swap it out with a different one whenever you need to.

The EB11 electric step-through cruiser bike also has a Shimano 7-speed index gear system, which makes riding more versatile. This system also gives you greater control over the bike and allows you to make smooth, easy shifts to suit your riding style. The EB11’s frame is made of tough 6061 aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. The bike can handle a maximum load of 264.5 pounds.

The Swagtron EB11 electric step-through cruiser bike is a great way to experience the pleasures of cycling without worrying about how much energy it requires to keep you pedaling. It has an impressive 250-watt rear hub motor and a 7-speed Shimano gearbox.

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