VASTFIRE Mountain Biking Bicycle Light Review

If you’re planning to buy a mountain bike light for your , you’re in the right place. Here are some things you should look for in a mountain bike light. These features include rechargeable batteries, water-proof design, and built-to-last durability.


The VASTFIRE Mountain Biking light has multiple settings for optimal visibility. It uses two XM-L2 LEDs, with a maximum output of 1200 lumens and a beam throw of 200 yards. The front bike light is built from an aluminum alloy body with an acrylic lens. It has five different light settings, including high, low, flashing, and a steady beam. You can use the highest light setting for maximum visibility at night, while the low mode is ideal for visibility during the day.

The VASTFIRE Mountain Light is rechargeable and waterproof. It also has a USB-C connection to charge when not in use. This light can last up to 450 hours on a single charge.


This waterproof bike light is designed with five different modes that turn on automatically when you pedal, then turn off after two minutes. This light is compact and also doubles as a reflective light. It is IPX6-rated and will work for years. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Its powerful light set includes a high-lumen headlight and five different light modes. Its flood beam shines light up to 650 yards, and the mounted headlight rotates 360 degrees so that you can use it as a spotlight. It is also rechargeable with a modern USB-C connection.

Super bright

The VASTFIRE Mountain Biking Bicycle light features multiple settings and uses two XM-L2 LEDs with a max output of 1200 lumens. It has a wide beam throw of 200 yards, an aluminum alloy frame, and an acrylic lens for optimal light distribution. It has 5 different light modes: the brightest mode is great for mountain biking, low light is ideal for daytime riding, and the flashing mode is perfect for daytime visibility.

It features an extra-long battery life of 10 hours. It is also water-proof and has a USB rechargeable battery. The light weighs only 39mm and is very easy to mount. It is also equipped with a head screwdriver and two ring sizes for easy installation.

Built to last

The VASTFIRE Bike Light includes a front and rear light, making it ideal for city commuting. The rear light is especially important, as it will help you spot cars coming from behind you. Without a rear light, you won’t see the road, putting you in danger of getting hit by a car.

This bike light is very bright and is designed to make you more visible to other road users. It can serve as a headlight or a taillight, depending on how you ride. You can switch between different light modes for a greater degree of safety.

Suitable for daytime rides

The VASTFIRE Mountain Bicycle Light is equipped with a front and rear light. Its front light can help you spot cars coming from behind you. The rear light can help you avoid collisions with cars that are coming from in front of you. It also has an angle-adjustable light that can be turned on or off.

The light is waterproof and rechargeable. The battery can last for more than 10 hours. It features a 5000 K natural white light. This makes it look better in off-road landscapes and makes it stand out from natural scenery. The waterproof, shock-resistant design allows the bike light to work under rain and snow.

Battery life

Battery life is an important factor when choosing a mountain biking bicycle light. You need one with long battery life for long rides. However, you do not necessarily need the longest battery life if you only ride for a short distance. Instead, you should choose a model that lasts the entire length of your ride.

The battery life of VASTFIRE mountain biking bicycle light is long enough to cover about 22 hours of usage in bright mode. The light can also be used in slow flashing or steady mode. It is also waterproof and has a USB rechargeable battery.

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