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Eastern started out as a small company that built a few frames. Since then, it has expanded into a full-blown bike company. Founded by Mike and Jon, the company has been bringing out some of the most innovative . They are known for their Lightest balance bike, sealed hubs, and dent resistance.

BMX bike company founded by Mike and Jon

Eastern Bikes is a longstanding BMX bike company founded by Mike Corley and Jon Byers. Founded in 1996, the company has been a leader in BMX bike design and construction. They focus on designing bikes that suit the needs of riders of all ages, skill levels, and budgets.

Eastern Bikes designs and fabricates all of its bikes from start to finish, including the frame and components. Their frames are made from Lightning rod tubing, which offers greater dent resistance while being 20 percent lighter and stronger than traditional tubing. The down tubes, meanwhile, feature offset-butted or bulge-butted construction for maximum strength and durability.

Lightest balance bike I’ve ever tested

The Lightest balance bike I’ve tested from Eastern Bikes is an affordable yet sturdy option for a toddler. Its lightweight aluminum frame and shock-absorbing tires keep kids from getting injured and are easy to clean. The frame is scratch resistant, and the seat is cushioned. It comes in 8 color options. Children have tested it as young as three years old. I’ve been using it for three months with no problems.

Eastern Bikes is a well-known manufacturer of BMX bikes, but it’s only recently entered the balance bike market. Eastern’s Pusher is one of the lightest balance bikes I’ve ever tried, weighing only 4.6 pounds. It’s perfect for riding indoors and in bike parks. It’s also durable and sturdy, and the clamps are adjustable. The only downside is that it lacks features that the more expensive balance bikes offer, including pneumatic tires and a handbrake.

Lightest BMX bike with sealed hubs

The Eastern Nightwasp is a street and park-ready BMX bike with sealed hubs. It features a high-strength hi-ten frame, a sealed headset, a 25/9 microdrive, and heat-treated three-piece Chromoly cranks. The rear hub has five sealed bearings to provide long life and smooth rolling. The bike is available in seven different colors.

The Elite BMX Stealth Black Gum Trick Bike is made of high-tensile steel and is tough and durable. It features U brakes and comes with no tools to assemble it. It is also light and has a matte black frame with liquid blue graphics.

Better dent resistance

Eastern Bikes has a higher level of dent resistance than other brands’ bikes. This is because their Lightning rod tubing is lighter and dent resistant. They also use ovalized down tubes for superior dent resistance. In addition, their frames are 20% lighter than other bikes.

20% less weight

Eastern Bikes are designed with less weight in mind. The entire frame weighs 20% less than a standard . They also use Lightning rod tubing for their frames, which is stronger and dent resistant. Down tubes are also ovalized and offset-butted to reduce overall weight. And there’s more: Eastern Bikes are available in many different sizes and colors.

Strongest frame

Eastern Bikes make its frames from the strongest materials possible. The company manufactures all its frames in-house and offers a variety of options. They use Lightning rod tubing, which has better dent resistance and is 20% lighter than standard double-butted tubing. They also offer ovalized and offset butted-down tubes.

When choosing the right frame for your bike, look for a frame that is resistant to flexing. This is a good choice if you ride aggressively or want a sturdy frame that is also lightweight. The frame should feel comfortable and resist damage from high-speed crashes.

Eastern Bikes Review

The Eastern Company designs and fabricates the entire bike. The frames feature Lightning rod tubing for better dent resistance and strength and are approximately 20% lighter than other metals. The down tubes are bulge butted and offset butted for extra strength and durability. The Eastern Company also makes the ovalized bottom bracket.


Eastern Bikes is a manufacturer of high-end . Founded in 1996, the company designs and fabricates all of its own components, including frames. The frames feature Lightning rod tubing for better dent resistance and are 20% lighter than traditional steel. The down tubes, meanwhile, are bulge butted and offset-butted. The frames also feature ovalized, ribbed seat stays and seat post for a comfortable fit.

Bushhog team-level dirt jump bike

Several options are available if you’re considering upgrading to a team-level dirt jump bike. The Yamaha XJ650 dual-suspension dirt jump bike is an excellent choice, as it has been designed specifically for dirt jumpers. This bike has many features of a higher-end dirt jump bike but is also reasonably priced.

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