What’s it really like to ride Red Bull Rampage

What’s it really like to ride Red Bull Rampage

What's it really like to ride Red Bull Rampage

It’s hard to truly understand just how steep the lines at Rampage are. Photo courtesy Red Bull Media

What is riding Red Bull Rampage really like? Most of us will never know. But these two videos do a great job helping us mere mortals understand the enormous scale of the Rampage course, offering a clearer picture of what competitors are facing on this unforgiving terrain. In the first video freeride stars Cam McCaul and Carson Storch explain how certain style cues can earn a higher score for one rider over another, even if they’re riding the same line and doing the same tricks. Video No. 2 illustrates the sheer massiveness of the lines and jumps the riders will be executing. Think school buses and four story buildings. Watch and be awed…

Red Bull Rampage finals will be broadcast live on Red Bull TV this Friday, October 27. Coverage starts at noon on the east coast, 9 a.m. pacific. Until then check out more videos on Mtbr.


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