Leatt DBX Core 2.0 hip pack first look

Leatt DBX Core 2.0 hip pack first look

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Pack will retail for $ 79.95.

Hip packs or fanny packs are coming back in to favor as riders try to liberate their backs from big packs to increase mobility and ventilation. It’s not a new category but Camelbak has met the challenge head on with the Palos 4 reviewed here. Bontrager offered a novel solution too with the Rapid Pack reviewed here. We love the Bontrager but it is limited to one water bottle capacity and some are concerned about the bottle harming the back in a crash.

Leatt DBX Core 2.0 Hip Pack

The wide, stretch waist band is the key to its fit.

This new one from Leatt is very interesting indeed because it has a bladder and has a lot of compartments. But what really interests us is the hip strap is highly padded and has some stretch to it. This, we’ve found is crucial to the performance of a hip pack. The weight is not vertically supported so a lot of packs bounce up and down on very rough terrain unless uncomfortably tight. But a stretchy waist material hugs and conforms to the waist even when not cinched tight. This seems to be the key ingredient to a pack that unobtrusively stays in place.

Leatt 2018 Bike DBX

Lots of compartments are included.


The new DBX 2.0 Core offers ultra-light, low center of gravity waist hydration for bicycle riders. The durable outer shell is equipped with several dedicated tool and hydration compartments, as well as waist pockets. Providing 2L hydration and 5L cargo capacity, it has an inverted port that ensures maximum draining, and an auto shut-off bladder valve. $ 79.99

Leatt DBX Core 2.0 Hip Pack

Five liters of cargo is the capacity of the pack. straps on the upper corners can be cinched down to take up unused space.

  • 2L Hydration and 5L Cargo
  • Low gravity waist location
  • Ultra-light, durable outer shell
  • Waist belt pockets
  • Dedicated tool and hydration compartments
  • Optimal AirLine back ventilation
  • Reflective safety piping
  • Auto shut o bladder valve
  • Inverted port for maximum fluid drainage

This article is part of Mtbr’s coverage of the 2017 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. For more from Interbike CLICK HERE.

Pack Leatt DBX Core 2.0 Hip Pack Leatt 2018 Bike DBX Leatt DBX Core 2.0 Hip Pack Leatt DBX Core 2.0 Hip Pack

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